When I was 30 years old, I accepted the doctor’s diagnosis of schizophrenia.
There were thoughts, memories, and delusions when I was growing up that haunted me all my life. Painful and very real as they were I wrote them down.
Due to the illness the details of what happened may never be completely known but this is how I see it in the book I wrote, Snatched by the Devil. Did memories cause the illness or did the illness cause the delusions? Sometimes flesh and blood can hurt more than any other. This is the first book of what I remember that haunt me almost every day.
The names are fictitious to protect my family. It is important for me to publish this book and express myself so that I can help others which would give my life meaning. And we all want our lives to have counted for something. To make a legacy of helping others, the few that survived their ordeals and help them carve out a good life for themselves.


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