Recovery from Alcoholism

A lot of people with chemical imbalances are also alcoholics.   My faith in Jesus is what saved my life when I was 25.  But when I turned 30 I received the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and it was intended by my family to keep it a secret.  This brought on feelings of shame and inferiority to others.  I had much anxiety about people finding out about my chemical imbalance.

So I wound up frequenting a neighborhood bar to be around people but never letting them get too close.  I drank every night and was a functioning alcoholic.  I finally got into Alcoholics Anonymous at 52 and am finally, genuinely happy without the two bottles of red wine a night.

In AA I have profound friendships, love and acceptance around like minded people.  They get me and I get them.  Although I don’t seriously regret the past, I do wish sometimes that I hadn’t taken so long to get this kind of help.

I am very happy every day with excitement and anticipation of each new day that I have.  My hope is to live a long life.



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